College Class Binder Organization

I am finally getting organized my fourth year of college. I was organized in the past, but not this organized. I am hoping that this will help me stay caught up with all the assignments that are due in all of my classes. 
Here is what I did.

I have a different folder for the days of the week. One for Mon & Wed classes, Mon, Wed, Fri classes, and Tues & Thurs Classes

Inside my Mon & Wed binder I have a list of all my assignments due for the whole semester. This binder is the most used binder that is why it is in there. I have the assignments organized by date. On this list is the due date, what class it is, what the assignment it is and how many points it is worth.  This was made on Excel. 

I have clear plastic sleeves for things that I need to look at everyday. This one here is just this classes section. 

Behind the name of the class I have the assignment list for just that class. I have highlighted the different assignments. For this class readings are in pink, cases are in orange and guest speakers are in yellow. 

Next to that I have the dividers that have pockets. Here I put handouts and assignments to turn in. I have two of these per class. One for handouts and one for assignments, respectfully. 

After the pockets I have a good sections of lined paper for notes. 

After that I have the next class and it continues all over again. 

Class assignment list. 



Class section.

Assignment list and pockets. 
This is my one class that I do not have an assignment list and it is driving me crazy!

That is it. I also use a planner that has all the assignments written in there. I tend not to write those in my planner too far ahead because most professors assignments are subject to change.  
The other binders are exactly the same so there was no need to post pictures of those. 

That’s what I am doing to stay organized this semester! What are some things you do to stay organized at work or college?


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