You Are The Best Thing In My Life

I was told by multiple people that the friends you make in high school don’t last long after high school. Over the years your friends will fade. On the other hand those you make in college will be with you for a lifetime. I sure hope that isn’t 100 percent true. I love my friends in college, but I also love my friends from high school. I do not want to lose my friends from high school. Shoot, all of them helped me to shape who I am today. They all helped me become the lady I am turning out to be. They taught me to love, laugh and live. I cannot picture myself without having the friends I did in high school.
My friends in college have pushed me to better myself as a human being. I learn to be truthful and honest with myself and others even if it means that others are going to be hurt in the process. It sucks and maybe I shouldn’t be that way, but wouldn’t you rather know that someone was completely honest with you rather than lying to you? I would take the truth. They have taught me that I am my own way to happiness. I should rely on no one else to be happy. If sitting in my room for days on end (it does not happen) make me happy then I should do it. I should not be sorry for anything that I do that makes me happy. If I want to be the only one laughing at a joke then so be it. I will do so. 
Ultimately, in the end, my friends taught me to be me.


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