Latest and Greatest Pins.

If you sit down for a while with a pen and a piece of paper and think about how much you use technology, you’d probably not know where to begin. I sat down recently and wrote out my blog post because I wanted to see how long it was on paper and well it seemed like I was writing a lot, but when it came down to me typing it, it didn’t take me that long at all.  I have been thinking lately that I am way to addicted to technology, but so are most people. 

Just some food for thought. 
1. Oh do I want my dorm room to look like this. Not necessary those colors, but the way the furniture is arranged. I will have a single room this year so I am able to have the furniture any ole way.
2. I love love love, this picture! The reflection on the railroad track is amazing! Definitely going to try this shot with my sister this fall. 
3. This saying is amazing. It makes me laugh.
4. This is what I do. If it is something that I cannot break I will most likely throw it on the ground if I get angry.
5. Every second is a good second to look at a picture of Luke Bryan. 
6. I wish I could install one of these in my room. I am going to be look for one in the near future. 

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