It’s just another day

4th of July is my favorite and yet it is my least favorite holiday. I love watching all the families with little kids running around giving out screams and laughter. Seeing all the couples take morning walks around town before Copper Harbor sets itself up for the big festivities to come. The little kids who get such a delight running to get candy that is tossed from firetrucks, police cars and the various floats that local businesses create. Hearing about who won the three legged race and the sack race puts a smile on my face. These people love spending the fourth of July in Michigan’s one and only Copper Harbor.

Why do I call it my least favorite holiday, you might ask? I do not get to partake in these festivities that take place. I, unlike all the tourist and people on vacation, have to work on the fourth. Now I do it every year so there is really no place for me to complain. If I didn’t want to do it I would request for it off. That’s funny though, requesting it off, my parents own the restaurant that I work at so there is no requesting it off. I would have to work whether I wanted to or not. That’s the thing about working for family, you have to when then they want you to.  -I wrote this while I was working-

Working on the fourth really puts a damper on the whole celebration. -especially when you work a 12+ hour day-  So for the most part the fourth of July is just another day for me. I love love love watching the fireworks that are shot over the harbor from porters island. For a town of only 80-100 year around residence we have a pretty awesome fireworks display. Do not underestimate a holiday in a small town.

This years fourth of July was unlike any other. Normally we should be any where close to 200 breakfast and this year we only did 111. Don’t get me wrong it was still good just no as bust as we thought we would be.

What am I doing?

I am working as a hostess from 8 am until 8 pm woo hoo for a 12 hour shift!!! I also help work the door on the fourth so no one under 21 came in! Yay! I was also taught some Serbian by some of the Serbians that were working with me on the fourth.

cudan (Chu-dan) – awkward

-Oops I thought I had written more words down, but apparently I didn’t.


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