Blog Every Day In May.. ended.

If you don’t know by now I have given up on blogging every day in May.  I was doing well for a while and then things fell apart and now I just stopped.  Well, that’s what happens when I have no motivation. 
Since I’ve last talked with you all I haven’t done much.. shocker! 😛
Last Wednesday (5/15/13) my mom and I went to a food show in Marquette.  Nothing to special,just all the vendors from Reinhart.  I saw them all last year and this year nothing really popped.  The only thing that I remember is the guy that told us his sales pitch about butter.  This guy was amazing, even though my mom and I were not interested we stood there and listen to him.  He talked about how many calories his butter had and then how much the competitor had.  That’s all I remember from his pitch, but bless his heart because he did it. He also gave us a bag of free dry butter! 🙂
At the food show so many vendors give out free samples. We came home with, dry butter, bun samples, grease cleaner, and table cleaner.  
I am becoming addicting to Pinterest again.  Here are some of my favorite pins recently

Other than that I have done a YouTube video about Restaurant Tips here is a link to that video,  I hope to make more videos this summer. We’ll see what ideas come to my head! Until then you all have a nice day! 🙂


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