May Blog Challenge: Day 3

May blog challenge day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable

I am thinking about what makes me uncomfortable and not a whole lot does. While most of us will say that going to the bathroom in a public bathroom or in someone else home, I wanted to think deeper, I wanted to come up with other things than that. I wanted to see what I can think of that really makes me uncomfortable. 
  1. Public Speaking
    • I fear public speaking so much. I have a hard time getting up talking. As much as people rip on me for talking a lot, which don’t get me wrong I do, I cannot for the life of me talk in front of a crowd. I thought about taking a public speaking class here at Ferris, which is actually required I just got it covered by another class, to give me practice talking in front of groups. 
  2. Being a third wheel
    • No one likes being a third wheel and if you do I want to say that you probably the only one. I avoid it as much as possible. I am uncomfortable when two people are all over each other or all about each other and I am sitting there trying to not get in their way. I know most of my friends do not do it on purpose, but it happens and its uncomfortable
  3. Being with people I don’t know
    • Don’t get me wrong I love meeting new people and that is really the only way you get to know them is at first be with them when you don’t know them. Say, for example, I am sitting in a room waiting for friend (because I am picking them up or what have you), I am very uncomfortable when I don’t know their family or their other friends. Most of the time I will get to know their family, but when it comes to their friends and I am getting nothing but bad vibes I am uncomfortable
  4. Confrontation
    • If this isn’t a bad/uncomfortable situation to be in. When someone comes up to you and calls you out on something or say assumes you did something wrong, uncomfortable! A million things run through your mind before the person even gets to the point as to why they are confronting you. 
  5. Crying in front of others
    • I say this only because I have a handful of friends who cannot stand to be around someone who is crying, which to me is very rude of them. So when I start to cry, I just simply get up and walk to a different part of the room or go into another room. If I need someone there for me I will bring them with me. Sometimes when tears just start falling and I cannot excuse myself, I get really nervous because I don’t to make someone else feel uncomfortable because them I, myself will get uncomfortable
There you have it! Things that make me feel uncomfortable. There is more, but they are more common things that people would think of. 


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