May Blog Challenge: Day 1

Me? In 250 words? Definitely not enough words. 🙂

Born in Grand Rapids, MI on January 5th. Cut myself from the nose to the eyelid with a licenses plate (still have my eye and can see).  Had my first teacher crush in 4th grade.  Lived in my favorite house until I was 10 years old.  Then I got the worst news of my life.  “We’re moving”.  From that moment on, I will never be the same again.  My family and I packed up all of our things and moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.. very tip I should add.  Left my best friend and all my family in the place I still call home.  Parents bought a resort: restaurant, bar, and motel, in a little dinky town on the edge of nowhere.  Population 80 year around residence, so no one there was my age. I was forced to grow up faster than any kid.  5th grade was the worst year in school for me, I was the all famous “new kid”.  Hated it.  Middle school is where I met two of my best friends ever, Joe and Rachelle.  High School was better and I changed my outlook on where I lived and sucked it up until I graduated.  I had to find happiness in where I was or it was all going to go downhill.  After graduation, I left the UP to go to school at Ferris State University where I am working on earning my bachelor’s degree in Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communications.  
Well, I did it! 🙂


4 Replies to “May Blog Challenge: Day 1”

  1. Nice, Natalie! This was a cool intro to the May Blog thing and full of fun facts about you.

    Gonna try the May challenge too! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂


  2. Hi Erika! Thanks for coming and checking my blog out! I happy to meet another Michigander blogger! I was beginning to think I was the only, even though that can't be true.

    One thing I tried visiting you blog and it just kept bringing me to the Google homepage. Anyway you know about that?


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