Busy Weekend

This weekend was a crazy busy weekend for me. 
On Friday night and Saturday morning I did some volunteer work for my organization, Entertainment Unlimited (EU). This weekend at Ferris was Ferris Fest which is a free outdoor concert that EU puts on every year. Sorry I do not have any pictures to put up here I didn’t have anytime to take any.
Then this afternoon my sister Jen graduated from Davenport University! She is the first on in my family to graduate. I am so proud of her, she has been through a lot and she made it through it all and graduate college! 🙂 
The graduation was long, but it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. The name calling/listing was the thing what took the longest. Other than that the speakers and everything else was short and sweet. 
We sat next to a giant screen so yes, this is a picture of a picture. 
All of the graduates. 
After my sister’s graduation I drove back to school to go to the FYE/SLED banquet (First Year Experience Sophomore Leadership Experience & Development). It was just a short banquet, but it was a thank you from the RA’s to the residences. Here are a few pictures from that. 
Kayla and I
Who ever took this picture got my dimple in it. I also like this picture a lot. 
My Mama Jo Jo, Jeremy and Brooke (L to R)
Kevin! 🙂
This is a nice picture of my friend Haley.
Jeni darling. 
Kayla and Sara.
Just like last year I have met so many amazing people and some of them I have only gotten to know in the past few weeks. Which is okay, I love getting to know people. It some how amazes me that we, everyone I meet here, choose Ferris for a school and we all ended up together. Almost like we were supposed to meet. 
Anyways, at this banquet we received awards if we completed the FYE/SLED requirements. Since I am in SLED my requirements were: Goal Chat, Mentorship  RSO Leadership, RSO Involvement  SLED Programs (2), Resume, Community Service (10 hours). I do not know what the FYE requirements were, but I completed that last year.
I am starting my last week of classes this week. I cannot wait to be done for the summer. School has just been dragging on and on. As well as dragging me down and down. I have had multiple sleepless nights and stressful days. I ending up having to have three exams during exam week. I will have one on Monday at 8 am and two on Wednesday back to back starting at noon. This means I will not be able to leave Ferris until Thursday morning because of my long drive home I have to make sure I am not driving during the late hours. I am driving home by myself and I do not want to fall asleep. 
That’s whats new with me. 
Have a good night everyone and I hope you all have a great start to your week. Good news I don’t have class until 11 am tomorrow so I get to sleep in! 🙂

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