Calm Before The Storm

It’s quiet around here. Everyone is still going on doing their daily routines. Knowing that there is a storm coming we are preparing, but at the same time we are trying to stay as stress free as we can.

Final Exams is what I am talking about here. We have two weeks before exam time and I can already feel the stress starting to roll over the university like a storm cloud. It is creeping around the halls just waiting for the right moment to swallow us whole as if we were a meal. Final projects, big report papers, and those minor assignments that are still assigned to us on the daily basis, all of these will soon come to an end. Most of us will spend countless all-nighters in the library, in our rooms, in labs and just about anywhere else that we can study. It’s crazy mad, if you could see it it’s like all of us were taken over and put into zombie mode. 

As for me, I only have two finals. One I have the choice of taking it online, which I still haven’t made a decision. The other one is an in class exam. As for my other classes my final exams are either final projects, the test is on the last day of class, or I just don’t have one. Yeah I know, I am lucky. 🙂
Pictures are all from Pinterest.

If you know someone who is/are taking final exams coming up

Good luck on your exams, and my the curve be ever in your favor!

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