Thanksgiving 2012

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend?

Besides my dad being in the hospital (again) my weekend was very enjoyable. I can’t say that I got a lot of rest or that I am ready to go back to school today, but all in all it was enjoyable. I got to be around family most of the weekend.

My family and I had Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle’s house. Not everyone showed up, but we all still had a really good time together.

What did you all do?

So my dad was in the hospital for an infection on his foot. All is good now, he is coming home today! 🙂 He’ll be laid up for a few weeks but after that everything should be good. Everyone is glad to see him leave the hospital. He had to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital and I felt so bad for him, but there was no possible way for him to leave.

I only have two weeks of school left and one week of exams until I can come home for 5 weeks. I cannot express how excited I am. As much as I love being around friends at school and everything nothing beats being at home with family.

Did anyone go out Black Friday Shopping?

I did! Let me clarify that I did not go out late Thursday night to stand in line and wait until the doors opened on Friday  My aunt, cousin and I went out Friday morning about nine and the only place that we have to stand in line was at Khols.

I got lots of gifts and I cannot wait for my family to open their presents. 🙂

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week!


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