What is up you guys?

I haven’t heard from some of you in a while so I just wanted to ask. What has everyone been up to lately? Let me tell you what I have been doing. 🙂
1. School work.. all the time. Seriously it’s pretty much all I do. Sometimes (not lie) I cry at night because I feel like I have not life. Then when I talk to people here in the dorm we are all in the same boat. *Phew*
2. Decorating my room to make it more homely. I just got rope lights to add a little mood lighting so I don’t always have to have my big overhead light on at night.
3. I am involved in a couple of RSO’s on campus (Registered Student Organizations). So I busy with meetings and doing events and things like that.
4. Being myself. 🙂 Yes I am busy with being myself. Trying to find myself. I always give myself plenty of me time in my room. Whether it is in the morning or at the end of the day or in between I’m always giving myself alone time. 
5. I helped set up a blog. 🙂 I a learning newbie (well kinda) herself helped someone set up a blog! You should totally check it out! Unknown Writings They want it to be totally anonymous. Meaning you can send stories to that e-mail and within 24 hours they will have your story put up. 🙂 Check it out and show em some love. Please? 🙂
That is really all I can think of.
Is anyone else experiencing the AMAZING fall weather?

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