Back to blogging and off to college

What!?!? I am blogging? What does this mean. Well folks.. I got my laptop back so I get to tell you all the wonderful things that have happened in the past week or so!


As you all know I have a dog named Ellie Rose. I love her so very very much. Yesterday was her one year anniversary in my family! 😀 So happy anniversary Ellie. 

2. I am moving back to college in 2 days! Yes 2 days! I am crazy packing and unpacking and repacking like a maniac. Things I need, things I don’t need and things I’m not sure i’ll need or not. What do you EXACTLY need when you to school. Does anyone know? 

3. I’ve fallin in love honestly. So there is this boy and he kind of steals my every thought and action and heart. 🙂 Call me crazy, but I am most sad to not see him. Granted my parents and family come first BUT he is defiantly second. No names or anything, because well I’m a young girl falling for a boy.. you understand.. right?

You want me to explain why I think we’d be good together? Okay here I go.
We are both family people. We both believe in God and we both pray. We both LOVE country music. He is single, I am single. (hehe) Should I have not said all of this?

4. Grace! Grace, is doing awesomely! (Is that a word?) She is walking without a walker, well a little bit anyways. In about a week she’ll be moving to a rehab only place, where they will be working with her to get better at doing things on her own! 😀 I am super happy to hear this. 

5. Last thing… my blog is getting a makeover soon! I have been working with Bree and The Thing About Joy and it’s been great. I cannot wait to share the result with you all. 

I leave you with this…


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