I don’t have to be me till Monday!

I all! If you all haven’t noticed I haven’t been myself lately. Well if you haven’t let me tell you.. I have been myself. For this I do apologize. 

What has caused all this madness. Well where do I start?
Well let me give you the biggest one..
This summer has been the second worst summer of my existence. What makes you say that? Why is it the second worst summer?
   Well I came into this summer thinking.. yes, just finished my first year of college and I survived even if barely. This is going to be a good summer and I can’t wait to get my summer bucket list going. Well no that didn’t even happen. NONE of it happened. Why is it that second worst? Well the worst summer of my existence is when my parents decided to move up into the UP of Michigan. A from all friends and family. I moved into an unknown land with people I didn’t know. Not very good for a shy girl. 
I have not seen a single friend of mine this summer. 
   I have tried to get in contact with some of my friends and not a single one of them wanted to anything with me EVER! I started to think well it must be me, ITS GOT TO BE ME! And I still don’t know the answer to that, if it is me or what. 😦
There is definitely others, but I am not myself to explain them all to you. What am I going to do to fix this?
Well tomorrow my computer goes off to the laptop hospital to get fixed. 😦 So for 7-10 business days I will not have my laptop which means I will not be posting any blog post. Again I apologize. SORRY! I hope being away from social media and my laptop I will find myself again. 
As for my giveaway that is still going on, don’t be shy and still try to win!!! 😀 I will still get in contact with the winner and let you all know who won! 😀 I will not let you all down.
As for everyone that I am sponsoring with I will be in contact with you soon, because I need to get something from you. 😀
I hope everyone has a great week! 😀 See you soon! 😀
Keep in touch!

3 Replies to “I don’t have to be me till Monday!”

  1. awww girl. im sorry you are having a rough summer. so am i!! i feel like ive done absolutely nothing!! and i babysit every day so i cant!!
    im sorry it took me so long to make it to your blog, if you read im on a “blog break” so im anti computer basically…eveyrthing i do is from my phone… =( boooooo..but im here now. supporting my little heart out=)


  2. Ooh thank you so much! I'm still on my break but I got an e-mail saying you posted this and I had to reply. Thanks for coming and visiting me. I promise when I come back I will have lots to say.. heck, I'll be at college so I'll actually blog about what I started this blog for. 🙂


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