Pinterest Pickings and Thanks!

As I sit here on my parent’s deck I can’t help think about all the people I have met in the past 3 months. Who I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t start this blog. Where I wouldn’t be if I never wanted to tell my story. So to all you readers, to all of you bloggers and just to every one I thank you and also I am so very happy to have met you here in this great community of bloggers! 

I LOVE reading your stories of motherhood, the little things that make your day, the things that don’t make your day and everyday life! You all inspire me to keep going. To keep doing what I am doing no matter what anyone says (and have they said a lot!)! So to each and every one of you I say thank you from the bottom of my heart and if I could each and every one of you would be hugged. (I just like to hug) 

So with out further ado! My Pinterest Pickings of the week!

Most of my pins this week were wedding related items. I don’t have a rhyme or reason for it, I just was interested in looking at all the ideas for a wedding.


So here are some of my favorite pins for the week!! 😀

1. I like this style of seating. It’s different! 😀
2. How CUTE! You would have to definitely remember everything that happened in your relationship.
3.This would be an excellent calender for me at school.
4. Give this or to make this? either way AWESOME!
5. I love this saying.. definitely going to be in my dorm room!
6. I need to try this on my camera.. ASAP!
7. I love these neon colors and the neutrals! I must must try this sometime.. SOON.
8. I would love one of these or make something like this for your bridesmaids?
9. I remember family and friends not knowing what songs to play.. now you know you won’t upset everyone (do they get upset?)
10. Cool huh? I want to someday travel.. but that cost money and time and until then It’s on my list.
11. What an awesome outfit! I would love to wear this. It’s so me. 
12. Always looking at workout clothes and music and other things that go along with working out. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! 😀

How many times did you smile today?


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