Everyone Needs A Friend

I have been down in the dumps lately. So deep that I though that it was the END! [I want to add a quick note I am not the one to ask for sympathy or look for it, I just needed to get this out] Obviously it wasn’t, but at that time I didn’t know. All I wanted to do was cut off every link I had to every bit of the world. I just wanted to stay in my room [weirdly is where I am now] and not come out. This was all happening on the week of the 4th. So yes, I really didn’t enjoy the 4th as much as I tried to. Anyways, I spent the nights crying until I fell asleep, waking up to puffy eyes and droopy faces. I had to pull myself together and go to work. That didn’t work all the time, 4/6 times I work that week I cried at one time or another. My customers were very amazing telling me that if I needed a minutes they didn’t mind me stepping out and just getting myself together. 

One very very sweet lady gave me a hug and said, “I don’t know who you are or what you are going through, but you are strong for doing what your doing. Not many people can cry in front of others”. Then her daughter (or what I believe was her daughter) said to me, “It’s okay to cry, don’t be ashamed, it means you care”. I was absolutely stunned at what these two strangers told me. There are people out there who do care about others they don’t even know. 

I remember one night my mom came into my room and asked me if I had any friends that wanted to be bartenders. I looked at her and said, “mom I have no friends”. She looked at me right in the eyes “Yes you do”. Well I wont continue on that conversation, but I still don’t know about this topic. I will say I know once I do back to school that I will have friends. Heck, most of them that I meet last year are living in the same hall as me so I will see them EVERY day! 🙂 This summer… where are they? WHERE ARE YOU!?!

I’ve gotten to think well is this what happens when you grow up? You lose your friends? All you have is yourself and your dog? [I say dog because Ellie never leaves me alone] I don’t know. I feel lost confused and unknowing of that topic. What am I to do? 

You may be asking yourself why does she feel as if she has no friends? Well here it goes. I haven’t seen a single one of my friends all summer! I saw them at graduation [in MAY, might I add] and that’s all. Granted we all have jobs in the summer and I understand that they are busy, but when I see them posting things on the wonderful, but horrible Facebook about doing thing together it hurts that I wasn’t even thought of to be invited. I understand I live about 30 miles away from the closest one, but I AM WILLING TO MAKE THE DRIVE! 


I have a friend, her name is Sammie. I love her so so much! She also lives 584.3 [10 hours 18 minutes(DRIVING TIME)] miles away from me. 😦 [SAD FACE] We became so close at school and now that it’s summer I miss seeing her every day, but even though the days since I last saw her is get bigger I only have 40 more days until I can see her beautiful face again! 😀 This girl is going to be an RA at school but her hall is only across the Quad which isn’t that far at all! 

Sammie is the best of friends that I could ever ask for! When ever I am having a bad day she is the one I go to, even if it‘s just going through pictures or talking to her on Facebook, looking through conversations on Twitter. 🙂 I love this girl!

This is Sammie and I at Karaoke night in my Hall.
Everyone needs to have a friend like Sammie. When I realized I can’t live the rest of my summer like this I needed to talk to Sammie. I called her and even just a 10 minute talk to her was everything I needed to cheer up. 


Okay so I am done with my “poor me” talk. This was an amazing weekend! Well I posted on Thursday about my brother’s 21st birthday. It was… memory making. I had two of my Aunts up from back HOME. Also my sister Jen and my cousin Sammy [different Sammy] came up here. 

Work was CRAZY! Or at least today. I was running my butt of all day, but in the end it was worth it. We have found out that Dunja and I work so well together. We got some many compliments. [Sorry I just had to say that]. I love working with her. 

Only 40 more days until I go back to school and I am super excited!! Also sadden by the fact because I do like being home with my parents, but a girl has to move on soon or later.

I am also thinking on making some changes to my Blog. We’ll have to see if I can do it. Sorry about making so many changes, but when I learn more and more about what I can do, I change things here and there.


2 Replies to “Everyone Needs A Friend”

  1. Natalie, I am 31. I would love to tell you that it gets easier as you get older, but it does not. I felt this same way last week. Know that everyone goes through this. I hope you have a great week and I am always an email away.


  2. Hi Mandee! I was reading through all my old blog post and I reread your comment. I am grateful once again that someone who has never met me was willing to talk! Thank you! 🙂


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