5 People You Meet In Heaven

First I want to say that I am not a go to Church every Sunday, read the bible, or tell people they must believe or they will go to Hell person. No that’s just not me. I just don’t think that going to church every Sunday, reading the bible or preaching is going to get you there.  Further let me tell you that I do believe that God does exist (or some God), I believe that he created the earth and if something isn’t in his plans that it’s not going to happen. I believe that you can talk to God when ever you want to. You can tell him anything and he won’t be ashamed because he made you the way he wanted you and what you do is in his plans so he is okay with it. [This may sound funny] I believe that the chicken came before the egg because when God created the earth he made animals, not eggs. Proof? My proof? So if you don’t believe in a God, that the earth was made from rocks and the main elements. How did ROCK create an EGG with an embryo inside?

I recently just watched 5 People You Meet In Heaven. It’s a book by Mitch Albom that was created into a movie. The movie came out in 2004 and I just watched it. It got me thinking what five people will I meet in Heaven? Will I meet five people? Or will I just see the light and be there?

While watching this movie I wrote down what I believe the five people taught “Eddie” the main character in the movie. [Sorry if this gives anything away, but this is my interpret of the movie.]
1. Understanding
2. Sacrifice
3. Forgiveness
4. Love
5. Washing Away Your Sins

I just got thinking what it is going to be like.
What do you picture heaven to be like?
I picture Heaven to be peaceful. I picture happiness all around. Where, if you were hurt or in pain that is no more. I there to be rivers and lake, woods to explore in, but houses and neighborhoods to come home to. I picture the gates to be made of pure gold. I picture God to have a huge dinner table to where you can come to eat there when ever. I believe Jesus walks among the angles. I see that [Like the Buddy Jewels song says]  You can help the angles pour out the rain, you can get your pair of wings when you go there.

“Lost love is still love, just takes a different form.”


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