Twisted Tuesday

Me at Mackinaw City visiting the fort. No don’t worry I am harmless.

Well I got my computer fixed! Turns out that it was the mother board that was (insert any word that means dead). Some guy from some company come out and fixed it! I am incredibly bad at details. Oops. It took him about 45 mins – 1 hour to fix it. Which isn’t bad considering I live on this thing and I was without it for about 4 days. What can I say I am a younger generation that likes their technology. Not saying I can’t live without it, because I can. I would just find a different way to go about blogging and sharing stories and pictures.

So what has happened these past few days. Well I worked, worked, worked and worked. I live in a small tourist town and that’s what you do when you live in one of those. You work, live and breath for the tourist. If it wasn’t for them this town wouldn’t survive. Not kidding. So during July, August, September and October that is what the locals do here, WORK! I’ll be busy make the money and working the job. I am working my way through college so it’s only right that I occupy myself with a job until I graduate and get (what some people call) a big people job. 
I gave my little Ellie a bath today. Boy was she dirty.
She jumped out when she wasn’t supposed to! Bad Girl! Wait no she is a very very good girl!
Just after we were done bathing. She’s got a big bone in her mouth that she got for her 1st birthday on June 20th.

My sister Jen(right) and I. We wanted a picture with the bridge in the background.

I was up at the top of the lighthouse, looking out one of the windows. My dad said try taking a picture through the window. Well this is the result! My favorite part.. the seagull. 😀

Mackinaw Lighthouse. I’m afraid of heights and small spaces so climbing this was a huge accomplishment.

I say this all the time to my dad and brother. I wish I would have gotten it or someone would have gotten it for me (not to sound greedy). Everyone was saying how perfect this hat is for me and well I agree.

This is everyone that came on the trip with us. (Left to Right) Mi papa, Sister Jen, Mom, Yaprak(Turkey), Shada(Jamaica), Dunja(Serbia), Slavko(Serbia), John, and I.
Oh I also love these blog hops that the lovely lady over at puts on. Check her out if you haven’t yet or just go there again and see what she is up to! 🙂
Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and a good start to their week.
“And life flows on with a smile and a song”

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