Fishy Friday

Uhh, I’ve had probably the worst Friday I have ever had! Found out my lapotop won’t even turn on, even when plugged in. Just got back from the store thinking it was my charger and it wasn’t because my new charger won’t charge it and it still won’t turn on. If you are a wiz at computers please help me! No lights or anything comes on when I plug it on or even try to turn it on. I am thinking it’s the battery, at least that is what I am trying next. I’m blogging from my parents home computer, because I just can’t go a day without looking at my blog or blogging. Addiction!! Opps.

I watched a news story about the older lady that was monitoring a school bus and was bullied by 7th graders today. I can’t believe it! Who in the right mind would do that, or better yet who would teach their children that it’s okay to do that? Ahh, just started my day off bad with that. I heard that the local radio station in that town was taking donations and apparently they have already raised 300,000 dollars for her to go on a trip of a lifetime. It’s really sad that, that had to happen to her but I am glad to see not only the community but the whole country supporting her.

Let’s see, I guess it’s mainly just my laptop not working. I mean I live on that thing! So for now I am going to have to blog here on my parents computer which isn’t bad, but I won’t be posting pictures for a while. 😦   SUPER SAD FACE! I love taking pictures and sharing them to the world. Or at least the blogging world.

This weekend is going to be very busy for me so I don’t know how much I will be blogging. This weekend we have to longest day fishing tournament. So my small little town of 80 (year around residence) will be over run by fishermen. Me being a waitress will be running my butt off! Hopefully they tip well (opps). Sorry I don’t really like to complain (and I really wasn’t) about tips. It just makes it worth it, ya know? Hopefully someone out there has been a waitress before and knows what I am talking about.

Anyways, today I am stilling running my hands through my hair, because I LOVE it! haha. I’m sure the new hair feeling will wear off sooner or later. Hopefully later. 😉

Thanks for all the lovely e-mail and comments. I feel really blessed that you all have welcomed me with open arms into your blogging community! I can’t wait to see where it takes me. I love meeting all of you. 😀

You know why I smile all the time? Because it’s worth it.


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