Summer bucket list #2

I got this picture/idea from a fellow blogger (you can find her here). I have another summer bucket list (Summer Bucket List) that I want to complete. This one is going to be hard to complete because of where I live, but I will try my darndest. (Is that even a word?) 🙂

So today my Mom, Dad and I, along with 4 students from acrossed the seas are going to Mackinaw city. My sister is also coming up to see us. We will only be gone for about 24 hours, but this is going to be a quick trip to prepare us for the (hopefully) busy season.

I already have plans for the trip. I haven’t been to visit Mackinaw in about 7-8 years. I plan to wake up early tomorrow morning and watch the sun rise with my sister. Take as many pictures as I can. I bought a brand new memory card so I can have endless picture taking fun! Buy fudge. Yummy Yummy! Most importantly I plan on spending as much quality time with my family.. including my extend brother and sisters!

Hope you all are having a happy tuesday and keep on smiling. 😀


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