Tour of the Keweenaw

Sunrise on June 5th 2012. I woke up real early, about 5:30 am, to take these pictures. I say that it was real early because this was a Wednesday and I don’t have to work that day. I have countless pictures of sunsets on top of Brockway mountain. (Brockway Mountain Sunset)

This family of ducks woke up and started swimming towards me just as the sun came over the top of the trees. There was the Mom (or Dad not sure which) and then about 6 ducklings. They were so cute, dipping and diving in the water, it was almost like they were taking a morning bath. 

There is a Rocket Launch Site in the middle of nowhere in the Keweenaw Peninsula. The stone reads:
 The Keweenaw Rocket Range 
The state of Michigan established a rocket range on this site which was used from 1964-1971. Michigan’s first erocket to enter space was launched from this site on Jan. 29, 1971. In tribute to the historic work done in the field of rocketry, this memorial stone was placed in the summer of the year 2000 by:
(Those three companies)

Just some daises in the middle of the woods. 🙂
This picture was taken at Hick Rock Bay, which most people call the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. I just fell in love with this cloud. It looks so fluffy, almost like you could lay on top of it and snuggle right in!

Some of you know I am a photographer (and Blogger) in the making! So this picture here I tried to get the wave splash up against the rock. It looked a lot bigger when I was watching it in person. Obviously I just didn’t take the picture at the right moment. 

This picture is a picture of Yaprak, Dunja, Shada and I out at High Rock Bay.
Yaprak (right) is from Turkey, Dunja is from Serbia, and Shada is from Jamaica. Then there is me on the far left. Every year my parents get students from other countries to come work for them in Copper Harbor.
Hope you all are having a fantastic Wednesday! 


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