My dream Pinterest home

I got this idea from Life On LeRoy. Ideas for around the house not necessarily the house itself. 
ideas for small space laundry room
Always looking to organize the laundry room!
outdoor cabin shower
If I lived on the lake or had a cabin to design I would definitely like an outdoor shower.
Simple and lovely
End of the hallway nook.
store sheets in one of the pillow cases
Organized shelves in the laundry room.
I would love to do this when I am older and have a family of my own.  :) love the colors as well.
Menu board in the kitcthen
Want this!!
Something for out on the porch or deck.
I like this
A great way to display family portraits and meaningful words.
Family movie theater. They look comfortable, I would like to see if they actually are. 
My favorite color is the green family. More towards the lime family. I loves these colors together as well.
Add a Mudroom to Your Entry
This would be my mud room. I’m not sure if I would use these colors exactly, but I like the style and the idea of this. Very organized and clean.
My future home designs. Maybe.

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