I miss my friend

Lately I have been trying to be nicer to people. It take a whole lot out of you to be nice to people who are nice back.

Let me clarify things.
I just lost a very good friend of mine. Not to death or anything, but we just aren’t friends anymore. I know why, but at the same time I don’t know why. I know the series of events that lead up to the split but I don’t understand why things went to the extreme that they did. When I lost this friend I lost a huge chunk of me. It’s been a week and two days. Yes, I’m counting. I don’t think this person realizes how much they actually meant to me. Let’s be honest I’m blogging about them they obviously still mean a lot to me. I made a list of what I like about this person.
Here it is:
  1. The way you make others laugh
  2. You aren’t afraid to be yourself
  3. you make me smile
  4. you listen to my stupid stories
  5. you can always calm me down
  6. the way you smile
  7. you accept me for being me
  8. you let me tell you anything
  9. your taste in music
  10. how you include everyone
  11. for always trying your BEST!
  12. for making me laugh even thought I don’t want to
  13. for listening to me when I need to rant
  14. because you trust me
  15. the nerdy side of  you
  16. your sense of humor
  17. they way you wink at me
  18. how you can tell when i’m having a bad day and hug me to make it better
  19. how your favorite color is purple

I could go one but I think you probably get the jist

 Anyways, its got me thinking, almost every night I should add, about how I and most everyone on the planet (no offence) should be nicer to people. So maybe, just maybe if I keep trying to be nicer this person will see that since the “incident” I am trying to change myself. 

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