My College Experience

7 weeks of classes and one week of exams and I will finally be done with my first year of college. I have had so many ups and downs and when I look back on it I think why was a stressing of the little things. One big stress I had was not doing so well in one of my classes. It’s not like I am the first and only one to do bad in a class. It’s not like I am the only one who is going to change their major to something totally different. I am just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Its okay everyone is/will/or has gone through this.

I have met some really amazing people here at Ferris State. Here is a list of few people who I am glad to have met.

Let me first start out with the first person I met on move in day.

Abbey – My Abbey Lou Hoo. I adore her so much. She was my RA, I say was but I really mean is. Even though I moved to the third floor of Clark and have a new RA I still say she is my RA. I love her. She is very determined and level headed. 🙂 I will definitely miss her next year. If you read this Abbey, you better come visit Clark!!!

Jenny – Oh Jenny, so much to talk about you. Jenny and I go on mock rounds occasionally. Its funny we will just walk to halls of Clark Hall and make sure everything is in running order. We both sit by the front desk and rate the person working the desk. It’s interesting the things we and the person working will come up with. Jenny is a Big Rapids native and lives in the dorms. Which still confuses me why she lives here when she can save money and live at home, but what ever floats her boat.

Ted – He’s an RA in my building. He’s really funny and fun to talk to. Unfortunately he is an senior this year and will be graduating from Ferris State. Congrats Ted. I will miss him. He would be one of the people who Jenny and I love to rate while he is working the desk.

Kevin – Oh yes Kevin. This person is freaking hilarious. He is very witty and good with snappy come backs or whatever you want to call them. I find him being very sarcastic at times… almost every time.

Garrett– Garrett, my buddy. My bestest buddy. I just love this guy. Speechless when it comes to describing him. He is an all around great guy. Beyond thankful that I met him. Don’t know what my frist year at college would be like if I hadn’t met him.

Last but not least.

My Anna – Anna poo as I like to call you. I actually want to thank you for letting me rant and rave to you. I love that we can go days without talking or anything and then talk like we are old friends that have known each other for years. I love you girl and I wish you the best of luck in what ever you do. 😉 Don’t forget to write.

So that’s it. I know there are more people that I can mention but to be honest that would be a lot of compliments and descriptions on who they are and why I appreciate meeting them and thanking them for inviting me into their lives. So if I forgot to mention you I do apologize and like I said before I appreciate you and thanks for everything. I do mean it.. if I didn’t mean it I wouldn’t blog about it.


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