Copper Dog 150

A dog team starting off in Copper Harbor. As you can tell many people came out to see this dogs start off. There were also more people behind me and to the left of me on the other side of the trail.

A really awesome jacket I found on the back of one of their sleds. The paw print is a reflector. Pretty cool  I say.

This dog to me just looked so cold and he was just hanging out at the end of the truck.

Volunteers helping lining up the dogs at the starting gate in Copper Harbor.

These were the trophies that they gave away.

I am very interested in this dog sled race that is held every March in the Copper Country. This year was the third year that it was put on. I love watching everyone coming out to help. Its a great volunteer opportunity. something for everyone. Teams come from all over to compete in this event. From Alaska to Canada and I believe there was one from another country over seas, but don’t count me on that. This race is well 150 miles, hence the name. They ride three legs. The first leg is from Calumet to Eagle Harbor on the first day. Day two is from Eagle Harbor to Copper Harbor. Then, yup you guessed it, the last leg is from Copper Harbor to Eagle Harbor.

The mushers, as they are called, are the most laid back, go with the flow people you will ever meet. I couldn’t help but thank each of them that came in to the restaurant for their patience and understanding for us being a small town. Their response to that? “Oh, well we thank you all for letting us come in and take over your town for a day!”

So if you are ever in the Copper Country during March.. come check this out!


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